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The Singularity Has Arrived!

I've been remiss in not mentioning this here: Singularity, the Character Generator for Eclipse Phase, has been released! You can buy a single-user license for $30, or a gaming-group license for $50. For more info, see the Eclipse Phase website:

Singularity Update

Over the past month or so, we've been hard at work going through feedback from the first beta and setting priorities. I'm happy to report that the first batch of fixes for Singularity are going in now; these include some fiendishly difficult fixes for PDF pagination (on all three operating systems). We've also gone ahead and added in base skill ranks to the final sheet--this should help on those odd tests your GM might throw at you that rely on pure, natural skill!

Singularity: Breaking the Silence

It's been a long time (read: too long) since we've posted a progress report on Singularity. Let's rectify that.

Box2d in AndEngine: Polygons

Tonight, I wanted to toss out a couple of tips (and a little source code) for using AndEngine, Box2d, and Tiled for game development.

For those of you following the website, you've probably noticed we claim to be writing a mobile game. While our focus right now is (of course) Singularity, the mobile game is not a pipe-dream; in fact, we hope to be able to share a couple of art samples soon!

On the Perils of Helpfulness

Tonight, I ran headlong into the toothy maw of wizard design paradigms.

Life Paths, the new random character generation method for Eclipse Phase, is being implemented as a Wizard in Singularity. This means the user will be presented with a series of dialogs representing the 'Steps' you'll read about in Transhuman--for example, one presents you the Life Paths you can take for childhood. You select these (in sequence), and fill out the required extra info for the packs they add, as you add them.


They say Life is a journey, not a destination.

Lifepaths, however, are a destination. A specific, meaningful goal, doggone it.

While the bulk of singularity has been in place for a while now, Packs and lifepaths are quite new. Packs were relatively straightforward, all things considered: I added a few record types, made a dialog to support it, and wrote an import function. Cake.

Quick progress report

Coded up a pretty good chunk of Lifepaths tonight! I checked in code to handle character childhoods; Next stop: Events.

There are now a total of 27 pages in the Lifepath wizard (though many use shared code). Still progressing pretty quickly--hope to have a first cut of lifepath code in the next week or two.

Everyone filled out your backer surveys? :-)

Singularity News: Package functionality complete

As of today I've chansed down several bugs; I have a baseline set of Package functionality in Singularity now.

Starting work on Lifepaths. Wish me luck.

Packages in Singularity

I've been hard at work on Singularity over the last few nights. While I'm not yet ready to show off screens, I'm about ready to start commenting on a couple of the challenges!

A couple of GNex ROM Reviews

For those that don't know, I have a serious addiction to phone ROMs. This is not to say I particularly enjoy wiping my phone regularly, but I use the darn thing pretty heavily, and would rather get the most out of it. I use Anki, Human Japanese, AEDict, a few games, WiFi tether, and the basics (browser, news, navigation, etc).


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